Somali forces kills 11 al-Shabab extremists in Middle Shabelle


Somali forces backed by a local militia group, Ma’awisley on Wednesday killed 11 al-Shabab extremists and injured 15 others in Jowhar town in Somalia’s southern region of Middle Shabelle.

The commander of Somali forces in charge of 27th division, Salah Ya’qub, told newsmen that there was a counter-attack in Shimbirow village in Jowhar town after militants launched an attack on a base used by government-backed local militia.

But they were overpowered and repelled.

According to Ya’qub, the allied forces managed to kill 11 militants and injured 15 others.

He noted that the forces were now conducting operations in the town pursuing the remnants of the militants who ran outside of the town. Local inhabitants said there was a fierce fight in the town.

The latest counter offensive came barely two days after government forces killed 20 militants injuring more than 30 others in another counter-attack in Barire town in the southern region of Lower Shabelle.