Venezuela’s president thanks military for defeating ‘coup’ in his country


Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has praised the armed forces for staying loyal to him and defeating a “coup” led by the US and opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

During a rally, Maduro also blamed Venezuela’s widespread power cuts on “cyber attacks” by the opposition.

His remarks came during a day of protests in the country by pro-government and opposition groups.

Maduro has retained the support of the military and close allies including Russia and China since Guaidó declared himself interim president on January 23.

Speaking outside the Miraflores presidential palace, Maduro referred to Guaidó as “a clown and a puppet” of the US.

President Maduro has repeatedly accused Guaidó of trying to mount a coup against him with the help of “US imperialists”.

Meanwhile, police were out in force during an opposition march in the city.

Some protesters pushed against police in riot gear shouting “murderers” and officers responded by firing pepper spray at them.