US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says president Maduro’s days are numbered


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s “days are numbered” after deadly clashes over humanitarian aid.

Pompeo said picking exact days may be difficult but he is confident that the Venezuelan people will ensure that Maduro’s days were numbered.

Two people died in Saturday’s clashes between civilians and troops loyal to Maduro, who blocked aid deliveries.

Self-declared interim President Juan Guaidó said Maduro must resign.

Guaidó also called on other nations to consider “all measures” to oust Maduro after opposition-led efforts to bring in aid descended into clashes.

Guaidó said he would attend a meeting of mostly Latin American countries in Colombia today, despite being under a travel ban imposed by Maduro.

US Vice-President Mike Pence will represent Washington at the talks in Bogota.

Guaidó last month declared himself interim president and has since been recognised by more than 50 countries while Maduro, who is backed by key economic allies including Russia, Cuba and China, maintains he is the legitimate president.