Threats to start war on the Korean peninsula are dangerous and short-sighted- Hillary Clinton


Former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said “careless” threats to start war on the Korean peninsula were “dangerous and short-sighted”.

Clinton, however, urged the U.S. to get all parties to the negotiation table.

Clinton also called on China to take a “more out-front role” in enforcing sanctions against North Korea aimed at curbing its missile and nuclear development.

Tension between Pyongyang and Washington has soared following series of weapons tests by North Korea and a string of increasingly bellicose exchanges between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Clinton also indirectly referred to Trump’s social media comments on North Korea, saying, “the insults on Twitter have benefited North Korea

The war of words has seen Trump call the North Korean leader “little rocket man” on a suicide mission, and vow to destroy the country if it threatens the U.S. or its allies.

In turn, the North called Trump “mentally deranged” and a “mad dog”.