Spain sees sharp drop in daily death toll as it plans to ease confinement of children

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Spain registered a sharp drop in its daily death toll from the new coronavirus on Sunday, with the number falling to 410 from 565.

The total number of fatalities in Spain, the third hardest-hit country in the world after the US and Italy, has reached 20,453.

Health ministry emergencies coordinator Fernando Simon said it was a number that gave hope.

Infections rose to 195,344, with 4,218 new cases in the past 24 hours.

But Simon admitted the fall in the number of deaths from Saturday to Sunday can be explained by the lower registration of fatalities over the weekend.

Such a drop is often followed by a rise at the start of the week.

Meanwhile, Spanish children who have been kept at home since 14 March, under strict measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, will now be allowed to move outside.

In a televised briefing, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said Spain had left behind the most extreme moments and contained the brutal onslaught of the pandemic.

He, however, said he would ask parliament to extend Spain’s state of alarm to 9 May as the achievements made were still insufficient and above all fragile and could not be jeopardised by hasty decisions.