Olisa Metuh cries out, APC is punishing me by intimidating my doctors


Former National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Olisa Metuh has alleged a contrivance by operatives of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC to punish him by intimidating his doctors.

Metuh in a statement alleged that besides intimidating Nigerian doctors attending to his health, the ruling party have also taken the campaign against him to a United Kingdom hospital to which a letter was addressed depicting him as an enemy of Nigeria.

While noting the continued denial of his passport for medical attention abroad and the corresponding liberty given to others facing similar charges to undertake pilgrimages and other ventures abroad, Metuh deposed that it was now clear that his case had turned into a media trial for offences committed in the defence of his party.

In the statement issued on his behalf by his lawyer, Benchuks Nwosu, opined that The fight against corruption does not imply persecution, manifest wickedness and lynch mob approach to particular individuals.