Nigerians trapped in Wuhan, China, cries out for help


The 65 Nigerians trapped in Wuhan, China, following the outbreak of coronavirus, have cried out for help, lamenting that they are starving and sick, having run out of food and medicine.

Some of the Nigerians said their situation had become precarious since they were forced to remain indoors to avoid being infected.

They have appealed to the Federal Government to take steps to evacuate them as they cannot survive the many weeks of being quarantine in a foreign country without any form of economic assistance because they were mostly students and artisans.

President of Nigerians in Diaspora, China branch, Festus Mbisiogu, who is also the chairman of Blue Diamond Logistics, China, said his businesses had been shut down, with his Nigerian employees asked to remain indoors.

Mbisiogu said Nigerians in China needed to be evacuated urgently by the Federal Government as most of them cannot afford to weather the hardship associated with being quarantined for days without any source of income, food and medicine. The Nigerian community in China also faulted the position of the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, that 16 Nigerians in Wuhan had not indicated their interest to come home as untrue.