Nigerian Army newly-introduced social media code of ethics catches up some members


At least 149 personnel of the Nigerian military are been penalised for their activities on social media following a newly-introduced social media code of ethics for members of the military.

The affected personnel, majority of whom are non-commissioned officers, were accused of uploading pictures of themselves in military fatigues on social media, an act considered offensive under the guidelines issued in June 2018.

A breakdown of the sanctions shows 33 naval officers were found wearing their uniforms in fresh social media uploads, 40 soldiers were caught in the same act while 76 members of the Nigerian Air Force were affected.

The errant naval personnel comprised 15 commissioned officers and 18 ratings. Ten of the 40 Nigerian Army personnel are commissioned officers, with captain as the most-senior rank, while the remaining 30 are soldiers. The Air Force saw 17 of its officers and 59 non-commissioned officers identified as violating the social media guidelines.

The 149 officers were those caught between June 11 and September 18 by the Defence Headquarters.

Confirming the development, military spokesperson, John Agim, said he was aware arrests had been made and the personnel are being court-martialled.