Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia, advice Nigerians to observe the $3000, or its equivalent benchmark


Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Bankole Adeoye, says Nigerians staying in Ethiopia over 14 hours, or transiting to other destinations, need to be wary of carrying monies in excess of $3000, or its equivalent in other currencies.

Adeoye said this is as a result of a longstanding economic policy by the Ethiopian government.

According to him, the policy is being re-enforced, causing Nigerian travelers to lose hundreds of thousands in forex while passing through the country.

He further stated that so far, over 25 Nigerians have had monies and valuables confiscated because of the policy.

Adeoye, who was speaking on the sidelines of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, however, said the Nigerian government was working to help recover confiscated monies but wants Nigerians to be aware of the risk of carrying forex in excess.

He urged Nigerians carrying such monies, to declare them, at the point of entry.