Nigeria Labour Congress rejects fuel price hike


The Nigeria Labour Congress has rejected the fuel price hike from between N158 and N162 per litre to N168 and N170, stating that it has worsened the level of anguish in the country.

It noted that the increase in the pump price of petrol was against the spirit and content of what organised labour agreed with government at the last negotiations over the last fuel price increase.

Reacting to the development in a statement in Abuja on Monday, the NLC President, Ayuba Wabba noted that the hike has also cast in very bad light NLC’s utmost good faith with regards to government explanations that it lacks funds to continue bankrolling the so-called subsidy payments as such would sooner than later cripple the entire economy, throw the country into severe economic crisis and cause loss of jobs in millions.

The statement titled, ‘The NLC condemns and rejects the recent increase in the price of petrol,’ argued that Nigerians cannot be made to suffer for the failure of the government to manage the refineries.

The congress stressed that the nation would not have been in this precarious situation if the government had been alive to its responsibilities, noting that there was a limit to what the citizens can tolerate if the price hike led to increase in the cost of goods and services.