Kenyan James Kimani sentenced three years for selling cat meat


A man who was almost lynched in Kenya James Kimani after being caught skinning a cat has been jailed for three years for selling cat meat.

Kimani pleaded guilty to killing cats and selling the meat to unsuspecting customers, and was sentenced to three years in jail.

An angry crowd had attacked Kimani who had to be saved by some police officers who arrested him.

Kimani said he has been involved in selling cat meat for seven years, reportedly to people who sold it in samosas.

According to Kenya’s Meat Control Law, cat meat is not prescribed as human food but while cat meat is considered unacceptable and a taboo in Kenya, it is a delicious meal in some countries.

Cats are regularly eaten in some parts of West Africa, China, Vietnam and Korea, where the meat is eaten on its own or added to other flesh for a touch of extra flavour.