Heavy downpour collapse of East Road in Aba

Waterside east road

A heavy downpour in Aba with it resultant flooding, over the weekend, has led to the collapse of East Road which links Azikiwe to Ogbor Hill.

The rain which lasted for over four hours also flooded the Ngwa and Omuma roads as well as Ugwu Mango.

Magic FM gathered that the collapsed of the East Road was due to a perennial fault on the drainage that ran under the road into the Waterside River.

It was learnt that the state of the drainage has been a source of concern to residents who converted a large visible crack on the road, before the total collapse, into a dumpsite.

Daniel Victor is a commercial motorist who survived an undeliberate dive into the deep gully created by the collapse drainage.

Speaking in Igbo, he told Magic FM, that he cheated death as the there was nobody to help despite entreaties to other motorists, who instead of helping him out of the ditch, allegedly robbed him.

Also speaking some resident said it was sad that attention was only drawn to the road, despite their previous plea with the authorities, after it nearly took someone’s life.

Meanwhile, residents of Omuma Road, who spoke in Igbo, are calling on the government to pay attention to their plight as flood has continued to wreak havoc in the community.