French Court Jails 13 Accomplices Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

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A Paris court yesterday handed jail terms ranging from four years to life imprisonment to 13 accomplices convicted of helping Islamist gunmen who massacred cartoonists at satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and customers at a Jewish supermarket in early 2015.

Ali Riza, accused by prosecutors of being the right-hand man of one of the attackers, was convicted of complicity in terror crimes by the court and given a 30-year sentence.

The court gave the same term in absentia to Hayat Boumeddiene, the partner of one of the attackers. She fled to Syria in the wake of the killings.

A life jail sentence was given to another prime suspect, Mohamed Belhoucine, although he was also tried in absentia and is presumed to be dead in Syria.

A total of 14 suspected accomplices went on trial over the attacks, three of them in absentia.

All of those present in court were convicted for their role in providing support for the killings.

Those on trial were accused of assisting brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

All three attackers were killed by French security forces after the attacks.