Final live TV debate sees Donald Trump and his White House challenger Joe Biden clash

Trump and Biden

US President Donald Trump and his White House challenger Joe Biden clashed over Covid and race while trading corruption charges, in their final live TV debate.

On the pandemic, Mr. Biden would not rule out more lockdowns, while Mr. Trump insisted it was time to reopen the US.

Mr. Trump cited unsubstantiated claims Mr. Biden personally profited from his son’s business dealings. The Democrat brought up Mr. Trump’s opaque taxes.

Mr. Biden has a solid lead with 11 days to go until the presidential election.

But winning the most votes does not always win the election, and the margin is narrower in a handful of states that could decide the race either way.

More than 47 million people have already cast their ballots in a voting surge driven by the pandemic.

This is already more than voted before polling day in the 2016 election. There are about 230 million eligible voters in total.

Thursday night’s primetime duel in Nashville, Tennessee, was a less acrimonious and more substantive affair than the pair’s previous showdown on 29 September, which devolved into insults and name-calling.