EU leaders agree UK’s Brexit deal at Brussels summit


EU leaders have approved an agreement on the UK’s withdrawal and future relations – insisting it is the “best and only deal possible”.

After 20 months of negotiations, the 27 leaders gave the deal their blessing after less than an hour’s discussion.

They said the deal – which needs to be approved by the UK Parliament – paved the way for an “orderly withdrawal”.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said anyone in Britain who thought the bloc may offer improved terms if British Parliament rejected the deal would be “disappointed”.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May said the deal delivered for the British people and set the UK on course for a prosperous future.

Speaking in Brussels, she urged both Leave and Remain voters to unite behind the agreement, insisting the British public do not want to spend any more time arguing about Brexit.

The EU officially endorsed the terms of the UK’s withdrawal during a short meeting, bringing to some end negotiations which began in March 2017.