Dr. Alex Otti visits Isu Ancient Kingdom, in Arochukwu to commiserate with the people


The 2015 Abia APGA governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti has visited Isu Ancient Kingdom, in Arochukwu L. G.A of Abia state to commiserate with the people of the area over the recent boundary crisis between them and the people of Itu in Cross River state which led to loss of several lives and property.

Dr. Otti who was led on the visit by the member representing Arochukwu state constituency in the Abia state House of Assembly, Hon. Lukeman Ukara Onyeani and a former Arochukwu L.G.A Chairman, Hon. Nkem Okoro and numerous friends and party supporters from the local government made a stop over at the palace of the Traditional Ruler of Isu Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Eze Dr. Eze Ogbonnaya Eze where he was briefed on what happened.

The royal father, explained that the attack on his community by their Ituma neighbours was necessitated by the quest for the control of limestone deposit in his kingdom, and described the attack and the disastrous aftermath as unprecedented.

He regretted that the attack has had huge negative impacts on his people who are predominantly farmers but have now abandoned both their homes and farms, and have become refugees.

He thanked Dr. Otti and members of his entourage for coming to sympathize with his kingdom, and pleaded with him for intervention by ensuring that the federal government deploys security agents, possibly soldiers to establish a permanent security post at their border with Itu to forestall further attacks, revealing that a member of his kingdom was coldbloodedly murdered yesterday and subsequently beheaded.

Responding, Dr. Alex Otti expressed his sadness and sent his deepest sympathy to the traditional ruler Dr. Eze Ogbonnaya Eze and another traditional ruler in his kingdom, His Royal Highness, Eze Michael Udo Kalu, whose autonomous community was the direct victim of the attack and their subjects over the very sad incident.

Dr. Otti regretted that people could resort to taking other people’s lives because of minor disagreement that could have been resolved amicably, and told the traditional ruler that he flew into Calabar Cross River State yesterday from Lagos where he met with the governor, Professor Ayade and his deputy over the crisis.

He told them that the governor who said he was already aware of the incident expressed his sadness and promised to intervene, assuring that he would send his deputy to the area immediately, while he, the governor would personally visit before the month runs out since Dr. Otti personally visited him over the incident.

Dr. Otti assured the traditional ruler that he would personally interface with the federal government to ensure that a military formation is urgently set up in Isu kingdom to prevent further attack and loss of lives.

Shortly after meeting with the royal fathers, Dr. Otti and his entourage proceeded to the school where some of the victims took refuge to also identify with them.

Shortly after Hon. Lukeman Ukara’s introduction and explanation of Dr. Otti’s mission amidst joyous ovation of relief from the victims, Dr. Otti addressed the people and passed his messages of condolences and hope.

He explained the details of his interaction with their traditional ruler, and the measures he promised to take to ensure that the crisis was resolved as quick as possible.

He recalled that the people of the area had had a cordial relationship with their Cross River State neighbors because they existed together as one during the time of region, before state creation, hence his inexplicable shock over the attack and killings, and advised the people against retaliation so that peace could be achieved.

Dr. Otti subsequently donated different items of relief materials and cash donation to the people, and promised to be sending his representatives to come once in a while and follow up things, while he works through the FG for permanent peace.

Responding, an excited and emotionally overwhelmed community leader of the people , Ezeogo Kenneth Okafor praised Dr. Otti for the visit and gladly described him as Ojinkeya Eme of Isu.

Ezeogo Okafor explained that the tragedy opened their eyes as to those who genuinely love them, and those who wanted to play politics with their plight, and maintained that Dr. Otti’s kind and brotherly intervention didn’t come to them as a surprise because he’s a household name whom they love and trust so much.

He further thanked Dr. Otti for the relief materials and cash donation he made to them, but reminded him that leaving their refugee camp and returning to their ancestral home is of utmost importance to them, and encouraged him to expedite action towards bringing peace to them.