Davido Reveals he was Pressured to Change his Style of Music

Davido-magic fm

Popular musician Davido recently took to Instagram to explain how he had to fight to make the kind of music he was comfortable with. He also said his song “If”, is now the biggest in Africa.

In January 2017, Davido had announced that he has managed to rework the terms of his deal with Sony Music explaining that under the terms of his new deal, he would be allowed to make music the way he wanted. Many did not understand what the omo baba olowo meant. But a new video he posted on Instagram finally explains everything.

In the video, American musician Omarion is seen dancing to his latest song If and in the caption, Davido reveals that in 2016, ‘they’ wanted him to change his sound, saying staying true to his culture wouldn’t work for him outside Africa. In this case, ‘they’ might mean his record label Sony Music.

But even if you don’t believe everything he said, his song If is indeed very popular in Africa. Since its release on February 17, it has been watched over 3 million times on YouTube.