Court orders internet restoration after shutdown in Sudan

Sudan Bashir

A court in Sudan has ordered the internet to be restored, five weeks after it was shut down by the ruling military council.

The move comes several days after the country’s military leaders reached an agreement with the opposition alliance to share power until elections are held in three years’ time.

The internet was blocked on 3 June after a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in the capital, Khartoum, in which more than 100 protesters died.

While it was a court ruling that preceded the re-connection, it would not have happened so smoothly if the military had not felt the threat of protests had gone.

Two weeks ago, a lawyer who challenged the internet blackout won his case, but services were restored for him alone as he had filed it in a personal capacity.

The regime shut down access to the internet to keep the opposition from rallying crowds to the streets to push for a civilian government.