Civil service leaders stage a brief march in Zimbabwe’s capital demands increase in salary

Abia Protest

Civil service leaders staged a brief march in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare on Wednesday to demand a big rise in wages.

A small group of workers marched to present a petition to ministers.

Workers’ representatives told Newsmen they had expected a large turnout for the march but many trade union members stayed away because they were afraid of losing their jobs.

Police allowed the march to take place and were on the scene.

The government in Zimbabwe is facing growing pressure to help workers hit by the economic crisis.

The IMF recently put the country’s annual inflation rate at about 300%.

This has severely eroded the value of people’s salaries and turned basic goods, such as bread and milk, into luxuries.

It has also triggered a crisis in Zimbabwe’s health system. Hundreds of doctors have been on strike for two months over pay. The government sacked 77 of them on Tuesday.