British government publishes a 104-page Brexit white paper


The British government has published its highly anticipated Brexit white paper, which lays out its proposal for what a split with the European Union could look like.

Published on Thursday, the 104-page document calls for close economic ties with the bloc through a new free trade area as well as a “common rulebook” for goods.

If accepted by the EU, the proposal would “end free movement, taking back control of the UK’s borders”.

At the same time, the document says the UK would allow citizens to travel freely and without a visa for tourism and temporary business matters and support businesses “to move their talented people”.

Incoming Brexit minister Dominic Raab described the proposal as “innovative”

The proposal comes days after senior ministers resigned from the cabinet against Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for what is being called as “soft-Brexit” as opposed to many of her ruling party colleagues, who have campaigned for “hard-Brexit”.

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson also resigned, citing his disappointment with the proposals