APC will collapse before 2019-Onuesoke


A former governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta State, Mr. Sunny Onuesoke, has said the All Progressives Congress will collapse before the 2019 general elections following recent happenings in the party.

Onuesoke, who is also a leader of the PDP, said the APC had brought hardship to Nigerians.

Onuesoke said “I assure you that before the 2019 elections, the APC as a party, will collapse. This may come as a surprise to you but the signals are already there.  There is no denying the fact that the ruling party is divided along different interests, coupled with the recent tenure elongation of the party’s executive committee, which in itself is a contravention of its own constitution.

“As a ruling party, the APC has failed on all fronts, not only as a government but as a party. The division within the ranks of the ruling party is glaring to all that is why the ruling party has failed to conduct even a non-elective convention since it was given birth to.”

Onuesoke lamented that since 2015 when the APC took over, it had been doing its best to create a one party system by discrediting other political parties in the country.

“I challenge them to conduct a national convention to elect new executives, if they will see the light of the day; I am telling you this now that the APC will crash like a pack of cards even before the 2019 general elections.”

“In their almost three years as a ruling party nothing has been achieved, one begin to wonder what they intend to use to campaign in the 2019 elections, no wonder they are calling for the de-registration of the main opposition party, in order to create room for a one party state, which is now their main goal since they have been rejected by Nigerians,” he argued.